Monday, 8 February 2016

50 Things That Make Me Happy!

I've been tagged by the wonderful; Percyandgrace.
So obviously we have the typical; family..Jacob..Jamie. We all know that they make me happy.

Let's get started. In no particular order:

1 - The smell of our laundry
2- The sense of completion when everything is clean and tidy
3- Supernatural
4- Nailing a really high note when singing
5- Seeing washing on the line, floating in the summer breeze
6- Cooking a really nice meal, and knowing someone enjoyed it
7- Fresh bedding
8- Making people laugh
9- Buying new things for Jacob
10- A clean cooker
11- Things being clean in general!
12- Warm summer evenings
13- Seeing the scales go down when I'm loosing weight
14- Making new friends
15- Knowing I can 100% trust someone
16- Making Jacob giggle
17- Hearing Jacob giggle
18- Cheesy chips
19- Snuggles with Jamie in the morning
20- When me and Jamie make each other laugh
21- Eastenders
22- Lee evans
23- When Jacob is all sleepy and accepts mummy cuddles
24- Getting a roast dinner exactly right
25- Helping people
26- The smell of a freshly bathed Jacob
27- Hearing my phone go off (Sad I know!)
28- Hoover lines in the carpet
29- Buying new cleaning products
30- Foot rubs
31- When my hair is perfect!
32- Getting the liquid eyeliner perfectly
33- When you see your food coming in the restaurant
34- Finally getting jacob off to sleep
35- How Jamie just lays on me when he wants love
36- The smell of my dad when I hug him
37- The smell of my mum when I hug her
38- When I wake up and realise the day won't be hindered by my depression
39- Having a passionate conversation with someone
40- Seeing a new comment on a new video
41- The smell of my nan and grandad's house
42- Knowing I'm going to have my best friend at my wedding
43- Looking back on old photos
44- Hearing an old song and instantly being taken back
45- Knowing Jamie and Jacob are content
46- Seeing those two blue lines on the stick (Twice now!)
47- Watching Jacob sleep
48- Buying a new electrical item
49- Getting a new piercing
50- Doing my vlogging and Blogging!

I hope this gives you all a little insight into my brain. I am the luckiest woman alive to have everything I do. It's a shame some days it's hard to realise this. But it's writing things like this that helps to remind me the good things in life.