Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Is Breastfeeding As Magical As They Say?*

In my opinion, No.

Breastfeeding is really flipping hard. 
We're talking, regularly questioning if it's worth it, hard.

I feel I am qualified to make an opinion as I bottle fed Jacob from day one, and have breast fed Robyn from day one.

So why isn't it all fluffiness and cuddles?

Well it is. But it's also bleeding nipples, phantom let downs and wet patches on your favourite top. 

I always thought of breast feeding as this magical process of getting nourishment into your baby whilst you relaxed on the sofa or in bed reading a book, with a smile on your face because everything is just so great. You have no bottles to sterilise, you can just whip your boob out when you feel like it and, you are feeding your baby! What's not to love?

Well firstly, if you decide to express, then there's a whole load of cleaning and sterilising in that. To clean and sterilise your pump every. Single. Time. You use it quickly becomes tedious. But if you want your partner to be a part of the night feeds then that's something you're gonna have to get used to.
Of course you do have the option to EBF. (Exclusively breastfeed) But then you are going to have to endure watching your partner sleep blissfully while you feed your child for the fourth time in an hour. I am honestly guilty of wanting to wake Jamie up for no reason other than him being a part of my sadness.

Whipping your boob out whenever you feel like it is great. If you have the confidence.
I personally think public breast feeding is truly wonderful and I salute all mums who have the confidence to do it. I don't.
I have, however, managed to breastfeed in the car at the back of a car park! +10 Mum points for me!
So for all those times you are going out and don't have the confidence to be stared at by teenagers and disapprovers, you have to express your milk into enough bottles to last you the day. Which is easy enough... Unless your boobs aren't fooled by artificial stimulation... But that's a whole different kettle of fish...
If you've expressed a little too much for the day and you get home with milk left over. You have to bin it. Well if it's past 6 hours old then you do.

In my opinion there is nothing more heart breaking than pouring away your hard earned boob juice. It's just painful.

In conclusion, if you couldn't, or didn't manage to breastfeed your baby, then please don't feel you missed out on an entirely magical experience. Filled with nothing but joy. It's not all the 'experts' claim it to be,

 *Disclaimer - Please do not get me wrong. I adore breastfeeding Robyn and I am so lucky and grateful to be able to do so. Knowing that every ounce she gains is down to my hard work is beautiful. I have such pride in myself and her for that. But I know that sometimes mothers feel unnecessarily guilty for formula feeding their babies. This post is to show them that formula feeding is good too.