Monday, 8 February 2016

Being Overweight & Pregnant

I was going to name this post; "The ups and downs of being overweight and pregnant" But there aren't any ups. Not that this post is going to be completely depressing.


Being overweight and pregnant is truly crap. The worst thing about it is, is no one knows you're pregnant. People look shocked when you say "I'm pregnant!" Because they can't see a dinky little bump they assume you're lying or something. For some reason they look disappointed for you. Whereas when they can see a wonderful little bump they feel they can ask a barrel load of questions about due dates and shapes of bumps... But when you're fat they just kind of go "oh.. well congratulations... Did you see Eastenders last night?" Which really quite upsets me.

Being pregnant is flipping hard. I'd like some recognition for it please. I also feel that because people don't see this skinny little frame with an enormous bump, they assume you aren't as fragile. Even Jamie was guilty of it. When I was in the late stages of my pregnancy with Jacob, I would get terrible dizzy spells and couldn't stand up for very long. I think that if it was more apparent that I had this huge baby inside me then he would probably be a bit more inclined to make sure there was less for me to do that meant standing for long periods of time. I mean, you could just argue that that was Jamie being an arse. But my family were guilty of it too.

When I was eight months pregnant and we were moving heavy boxes up and down stairs, I needed to take a lot of breaks. Some people would joke and say "Is it hard watching us do all the work?" When I replied reminding them that I was very pregnant and very tired. They were literally like; Oh yeah...

Being fat and pregnant is truly exhausting. My body struggles enough carrying around  huge amount of extra weight, let alone another stone and a half concentrated in one place. Which is why before I became pregnant again I wanted to be substantially thinner. But that's not the way fate wanted things so, I'm taking my chance now. I'm doing exercise DVD's and taking on Slimming World to make sure my body isn't going to suffer the way it did the first time round. For Jamie's sake too.

It's much harder for him to connect to a baby that he can't feel or see moving. Well... In the later stages he can. But as I carry pretty much all of my weight around my middle, there's a lot of padding in the way of those little feet.

The worst things about being fat and pregnant are:

-Not being able to take bump pictures as there's little to no difference from one week to the next.

-The look of disappointment on friend's and families faces when they are trying to feel a kick but can't feel a thing.

-The clear irritation emanating from your midwife's face when its taken her fifteen minutes to find your baby's heartbeat.

-Not knowing if there's something wrong with your baby's heart rate or if your fat is just getting in the way.

-Missing out on congratulations' from strangers because you just look like you've recently had a bargain bucket all the time.

Don't get me wrong. I know I am damn lucky to even be able to conceive in the first place. And this is totally my own fault. It's not like I've got some disease that isn't easily sorted. It's just hard to find the motivation to do some exercise between throwing up, falling asleep and running around after the current baby.

So take it from me. If you have the option. Don't be fat and pregnant.