Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Why Don't People Do Their Jobs?!

Ugh. I'm so annoyed!

So last week I bid for a property on my council housing website. When bidding closed we were in third position for this absolutely perfect two bedroom house, with a massive garden and in a perfect location.

Needless to say I was absolutely buzzing when they called me up to say we've been shortlisted and we were asked to bring in some important documents to make sure everything was as we said it was. We received that email on the 8th of June and the deadline to bring in the documents was the 9th of June at 3pm.
So there I go, trotting down to the council with all my documents in hand, They were all photo copied and all was good!

I go home and eagerly await my phone call to tell me we can go and view it.

Imagine my utter devastation when I log into the website today for it to say "Skipped - non engagement with services"

I shoot straight on the phone to the council only to be told it needs to be referred to this person... And I need to talk to that person... So right now I am sat here waiting for about three different people to call me back. Meanwhile my dream house is probably being allocated to someone else.

I feel so sad!

If people did their freaking jobs in the first place I wouldn't be sat here freaking out. I hate that our lives are in the hands of someone else :(

Please talk to me about your experiences! Have you ever had any dealings with social housing?